Privacy Policy

Welcome to TCY International Site, to provide you with a comfortable browsing experience, please read the privacy policy carefully. 

A. Privacy Policy Scope
This privacy policy includes the personal information we collect while you are using this site. This privacy policy does not apply on linked website except of this site, nor does it apply to persons who are not entrusted to or participate in the administration of this website.

B.Personal Information Collection, Procession and Use
When you start to use the service or participate in our activities on the website, we will ask you to provide essential personal information for business or activity use. We process and use your personal information within a specific purpose; this site will not put the data for other uses without your official permission.

This website will keep your provided name, email address, contact information and time when you are using the interactive service such as the customer service email and survey.

For usual browsing, the server will record your action automatically, including the IP address, on site time, used browsers, browse and clicks history. The history will be collected for internal use to enhance the service performance; it will not be provided to third parties.

To provide more accurate service, we will analyze the statistics collected in the survey, the result will be used for internal research. We will publish the statistical data and explanatory text from the result, if necessary, but will not refer to specific personal information.

C. Data Security 
The website hosts are all equipped with firewalls, anti-virus system and other information security equipment with necessary security plans, to protect the website and your personal data. Only authorized staffs will have access to your personal data, relevant staffs had all signed a confidentiality contract, if there is a breach of confidentiality obligations, it will be subject to the relevant legal punishment.

For business use, if there is a need to entrust this website to provide its service, we will strictly require you to follow the obligation of confidentiality; and we will take a necessary inspection to ensure there is no violation. 

D. External links
The external links via this website do not apply to our privacy policy; you shall refer to the privacy policy in the linked website. 

E. Share data with the third party
This website will not provide, exchange, rent or sell any of your personal information to other individuals, groups, private companies or public offices. However, parties with legal basis or contract will not be limited.

Any exception including:
With your official permission.
Law expressly provides.
For national security or promote public interests.
To avoid the risk of your life, physics, freedom and properties. 
Research or statics collection by public organization which aims at public interests, if feel necessary and the data provided has been processed or not be able to identify the person.
If your behaviour violate the obligation of the technical service center, or may damage others interests; service center may reveal your personal information for legal use. 
For your rights and interests, we will be responsible and supervised while entrust other firms to assist collecting, process or use your personal information.

F. Cookies
To provide the best service, this website will place and use our Cookie; if you do not wish to use the Cookies, please go to the setting panel and set the privacy level to high. This may cause certain functions disabled in the website. 

G. Privacy Policy Updates
The privacy Policy in this website will be upgraded at any time in response of needs, the policy updates will be published on the website.