2016 Retro Style Year-End Party

Here comes the 2016 year-end dinner party, the theme this year is vintage party.
The decoration is inspired by The Great Gatsby and a 1920’s atmosphere was recreated.  

All the TCY members were dressed up for the night! 

Marketing Department, Planning Department and Product Development Department; all worked hard to compete for the Best Style Award. 

Double braided hair, round hat with yarn skirt, retro glasses, geometric shapes, elegant lace, scarf cape, cowboy hat, and harness, all perfectly represent the retro style in a modern way. 



Members also planned an amazing open dance and games for the night. 

The name of the game is black and white where we test the employees understanding of the company, having been established for 16 years. 

One of the core value in TCY is "Teamwork" and the game is a good way to show team work.

Another game was blowing the ping-pong ball and it is a good way to examine one's vital capacity. 

After a few games, we started to drink and embrace each other, for the hard work of the year!

The highlight of the party is , of course, the raffle. Let's see who the lucky guy is! And the bonus makes the spirit of the night even better!

It was such a fun evening to drink, play, and make money!
The party was a success. Let's move on to the new year!

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