Mollifix- On Love Beauty News

Love Beauty News featured Mollifix’s best selling item, Movefree Butt Lifting Leggings and Hold Me Racerback Bra.
Movefree Butt Lifting Leggings has a simple yet functional design that will shape your hips while exercising.  
The model also demonstrated a product test on the spot by doing a series of workouts wearing the  Movefree Butt Lifting Leggings.
It can keep you toned the whole time, whether in a workout, at home or during sleep.

The idea of keeping your body toned while exercising is where we started to design this product.
Hold Me Racerback Bra also attracted the media to introduce the product as it became popular in the market. We created this product to achieve the toned muscle look naturally without resorting to photo editing.

Hold Me Racerback Bra uses bold colors to make the sports bra more stylish. 
It is a sports bra and functional bra combined that shapes up the breast and eases the pressure making you the spotlight of the show.